Dumpster Specifications

5yd : 8’W 12’L 2’H
5yd -8′ W 12′ L 2’H
10yd – 8′ W 12′ L 4’H
15yd – 8′ W 13′ L 4’H

5, 10 and 15 yard dumpsters are perfect for smaller projects or heavy loads. They are very easy to load.

For :
Dirt, Concrete / Bricks, Sod, Very small load of junk / debris

Seattle Dumpster Rentals

20yd: 8’W 13’L 5.5’H

Our most PopularSize
-Receive $25 Discount
These are great for your medium size commercial projects.

For :
House / garage cleanout, Yard cleanup, Composition roof tear-off, Remodeling project

Seattle Dumpster Rentals 20yrd

25yd: 8’W 14’L 6’H

These are very popular with those looking for something to use for renovation and remodeling debris as well as trash storage and removal.

For 25yd: 8’W 14’L 6’H:
House / garage cleanout – 2 car garage, Large yard cleanup,
Composition + shake roof tear-off, Remodeling projects,
Kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel.
No extra charge for tough delivery spaces.
We’re always going the extra mile for your satisfaction.

Seattle Dumpster Rentals 20yrd



30yd – 8′ W 14′ L 6.5’H
35yd – 8′ W 18′ L 7’H

These are the largest container we carry. Perfect for large renovations and commercial construction projects.

For 30yd: 8’W 16L 6.5’H:
Large house / garage clean-out, Large yard cleanup, Large roof roof tear-off / composition + shake, Large remodeling project / demolition
For 35yd: 8’W 18’L 7’H:
Large house / garage clean-out, Large yard cleanup, Large roof tear-off / composition + shake, Large remodeling project/demolition, House demolition

Seattle Container Rental

ABC Hauling can deliver into the most challenging spaces, a tight fit is no problem for ABC Hauling!

Our biggest trucks can get into spots most other companies would not be able to!

Take a look at the tight spaces like alleys and tight narrow driveways on an incline that our company is able to accommodate when others can’t or won’t!